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Teeth Falling Dream

The teeth falling dream is another common dream that people share worldwide. The most common types of teeth falling dreams are that a person finds his / her teeth falling out one by one when he / she tap it gently. Psychologists reveal that such kinds of teeth falling dreams are choking and distressful to the dreamer and it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the dreamer. Tooth loss dreams are considered to be in the top ten charts of common dreams.

Teeth Falling Dream

What does a teeth falling dream signify?

Teeth falling dreams occur mostly as an exaggerated form of your worries. They are just a representation of how and what you feel. They are not prophecies or any kind of omens. Teeth falling dreams usually are concerned with:

1. Anxiety about how you look
2. Anxiety about how others think you look
3. Fear of being sexually impotent which may occur once you grow old.
4. You may be having the fear of being made a fool of in a particular situation.
5. Some interpreters say that since teeth are used to eat, bite, chew and even tear some particular food, they symbolize power. So if you lose your teeth it simply signifies that you are left with no power anymore.
6. Recent research also shows that women who are having menopause have such tooth falling dreams. This could be related to their anxiety in getting older.
7. Sometimes teeth falling dreams also signifies that you are insecure about your finances.
8. Fear of being lonely or deserted.
9. Traditional interpretation of such dreams would mean you are suffering from malnutrition.
10. Spiritually, a falling teeth dream represents that you are deviated from the word of God and are concentrating more on following someone else other than Him.
11. In the Greek culture, such a dream is associated with some sickness or death of your loved ones.
12. The Chinese say that you could have such dreams if you might have lied to someone about something.
13. Some say that the tooth falling dream is based on an old fairy tale. It represents money and if you can keep your tooth under you pillow you would earn a lot of coins.

What should you do?

1. Try to understand that the message that your dream is trying to convey.
2. Understand how the teeth had fallen out in your dreams. It might give a clue to your current situation.
3. What was the result of your teeth falling out and also your emotion behind it?
4. Ask yourself if you are going through any kind of transitional phase in your life that you might be afraid of. This can be in personal life as well as your work.
5. Ask yourself if you are embarrassed about anything be it your appearance, your smile, your way of talking.

If you have no answers then understand your feelings. Note them down and try to steer your life and your activities in the right direction. There maybe times when you have to face certain facts of life like being older. But, you should realize that what matters at the end is about who you are and not what you look like.
But also remember sometimes the teeth falling dreams are just an indication of the fact that its time for you to visit your dentist.

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